Boundary Disputes

Are You Having a Boundary Dispute in the Greater Puget Sound Area?

Snell Law Offices provides cost-effective, efficient legal representation for boundary disputes throughout the greater Puget Sound area.

If you’re having a dispute with a neighbor over where the property line actually divides your respective properties, you know how quickly tensions can rise and interfere with an otherwise peaceful home setting. Preserving your relationships with adjoining landowners is very important.

However, a fence, wall or other structure encroaching on your lot can have a significant impact on your future rights to that land if you do not take action. And your neighbor may have to remove the structure or buy that strip of land from you.

An experienced real estate lawyer can help you resolve your boundary dispute by bringing in a surveyor to measure off the land according to the paperwork at the Recorder’s office, or by negotiating a removal or buy-out, or by filing a quiet title lawsuit to have a judge decide.

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