Professional Licensing — Administrative Law

Snell Law Offices represents and defends licensed professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists  and other health professionals, real estate professionals, contractors, and most other types of professionals, in administrative proceedings before licensing boards and regulatory bodies in Washington State.

whose licenses are in danger of being revoked or suspended by a regulatory agency.

If you have received notification from a state agency indicating that you need to respond to a complaint, please contact Snell Law Offices to learn what steps you may need to take to protect your license and your livelihood.

Snell Law Offices will evaluate your particular situation and if further action is recommended, the process is typically as follows:

  • Snell Law Offices will respond to the complaint and attempt to have it dismissed;
  • Snell Law Offices will negotiate with the regulatory agency to try find a solution so that you can continue to practice in your chosen profession. Most cases are settled this way;
  • If no agreement is reached with the agency, Snell Law Offices will aggressively advocate for your interests in an Administrative Hearing;
  • Finally, if necessary, Snell Law Offices will pursue your case beyond the Administrative Hearing stage into the State of Washington Superior Court.

Don’t let your license be taken away. Contact Snell Law Offices by phone at (206) 386-7855 or submit your case online by filling out the form on this page. The initial consultation is free.